Family opened a new and modern integrated processing facility increasing its volume and quality of processed hazelnut production.


The cracking facility is expanded by adding 5 stone cracking mills near the existing facility.


Family opened a new cracking and integrated hazelnut processing facility in Arsin Organized Industrial Zone adding hazelnut cracking and paste facilities phases to their production line.


Family has expanded their spectrum of production range after moving to a new facility in Yomra Region where they supplied market with roasted, blanched and chopped hazelnuts.


Cirav family has moved their activity to a new facility where they are only involved with hazelnut roasting activities not the cracking process. All production was based on roasting, supplying the customers in domestic market and exporting abroad.


Cirav company has set up a new cracking facility in Moloz region where they began hazelnut shelling and sales activities.


Our first hazelnut cracking facility was erected in Trabzon with initiative of our founder İbrahim CİRAV where the company began selling natural hazelnut kernels and hazelnut in shell.